Fashion app

The 5 best fashion apps

Our experience teaches us that shopping is an activity carried out mainly in the store, by touching and trying on a dress before deciding to buy it. However, technology made giant strides and with it, even the fashion apps.

The development of digital in the fashion industry is part of a global context of strong change. Not only in fashion, but in every sector of our lives, technology has managed to make significant changes for consumers.

Let’s discover below the most famous applications which are changing the shopping experience in fashion.



This application can be defined as a kind of Instagram dedicated entirely to fashion. Especially used by influencers, this application allows you to upload your own photo and add tags on each item of clothing worn in the picture. Each dot that will be displayed next to each item will be clickable and will allow the interested user to directly reach the site on which he/she can immediately place his/her order.


We are talking about an application able to considerably simplify the consumer purchase process. The user just has to upload the screenshot of the dress seen on Instagram or anywhere else on the web and he/she will be immediately able to find out where the item of clothing can be purchased and place his/her order comfortably remotely.


This application is perfect for those who want to have a wardrobe always at hand. From this virtual wardrobe, you can choose different outfits and schedule them.


This web service allows you to create perfect illustrations of sewing patterns. Basically, instead of doing like the seamstresses of the past who used chalks for stylization, it is now possible to opt for a totally digital solution.


Drest is the app that allows you to virtually dress up a model with clothes signed by high fashion names. Thanks to this app you can explore combinations, colors and textures in search of the perfect outfit!