Guest Stars Interviews

Browsing in this section, you will find many interesting contents, coming directly from the interviewed guests. We have involved well-known personalities in the world of fashion, social media, social rights activists and people who are fighting for greater inclusiveness.

We have shared many emotions with them, from anger to frustration to joy and fun and in this section, we want to share them with you too. Together we have faced various issues, more or less delicate, but always central to the current reality.

Mark Bryan

Mark is a heterosexual man who loves going to work and running his errands in...

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Greta La Medica

Greta La Medica is a writer and ex-stylist, but she defines herself as a person...

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Laura Pusceddu

Laura Pusceddu is a student and promoter of positive values of inclusion and acceptance. In...

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Stefano Ferri

Stefano is one of the most famous crossdressers in Italy, a person who wears dresses...

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Cristina Prenestina

We had the pleasure of interviewing Cristina Prenestina, the drag queen who tells tales to...

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