Fashion shoes winter 2021

Fashion shoes winter 2021: the trends of the new year

New year, new trends to follow. Winter 2021 brings back classic shoes, such as brogues or loafers, but revisited through the use of precious materials and glamour accessories.
Whether your style is rock, classic or more elegant, let’s discover some of the passe-partout fashion shoes of the 2021 winter season.

Chelsea and Sock boots

Boots are a very versatile accessory. Properly matched, they create perfect outfits for almost any occasion and able to suit any style. 

In winter 2021 an important trend is definitely the Chelsea boots. The classic English model, with the two elastics on the sides, has monopolized the catwalks this season. More elegant or with a more “pirate” style, they can also be worn in the evening, but only in the total black version, with tailored coats and knee-length skirts.

Even the sock boots, worn for the first time on the catwalk a few years ago from the Balenciaga collections, are now a must-have for a winter outfit. Stylists offer all kinds of variations, playing with shapes and materials (from neoprene, to crochet to second skin leather).

Fonte: vogue.it

Brogues and loafers

Brogues and loafers return to the catwalk for the 2021 autumn-winter season. However, some stylists have decided to revisit these classic shoes through unique combinations. They are no longer combined with tailored suits and trousers, but with skirts and longuette dresses.

An interesting trend also uses lazy loafers or knee-length socks, to give a more original touch to the entire outfit.

Ankle strap shoes

After disappearing from the stylists collections for a few seasons, ankle strap shoes are back in fashion. With different shapes and materials, pointy or open-toe, they are perfect to wear with leather leggings. The contrast between the classic shoe and the rock trouser will create a successful outfit.

Chains go with everything

Whether it’s boots, lace-up or heels, a 2021 trend that has not gone unnoticed is the use of chains.

In fact, in this season chains are not like flashy necklace around the neck of the models, but also around their feet.

Used to make classic total black boots more interesting or transformed into real laces, they have conquered all the catwalks this season.

Fonte: vogue.it

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