Next in Fashion

3 Fashion-themed TV programs

If you are fond of fashion and all that concerns amazing clothes, catwalks and compulsive shopping, then you cannot miss those fashion-themed tv programs, which over the years have made their way in our hearts.

Americans and Italians, let’s find out together some of the most watched fashion-themed tv programs.

Next in Fashion

Next In Fashion (NIF) is a competitive reality show dedicated to fashion. It is on Netflix and is hosted by the two famous designers Tan France and Alexa Chung.

During all the path, competitors travel around the world to discover new cultures and new inspirations in order to design innovative and up to date high-fashion clothes.

The first place finisher wins 250,000 $ and the opportunity to collaborate with the famous fashion website Net-a-Porter on the launch of his/her first collection.

Project Runaway

Along the same line as Next in Fashion, another program which has enjoyed international success is Project Runaway.

In the program hosted by the iconic Heidi Klum, together with Tim Gunn, 16 competitors compete to obtain the title of “best emerging designer” and a significant prize pool.

In this program based on the creation of modern and original designs, each episode focuses on a specific theme. Starting from that the competitors will have to design and create their catwalk clothes.
Furthermore, some of the themes proposed within the show have considerable social relevance, such as the theme of recycling clothes or the use of poor and waste materials to make high fashion clothes. Therefore, in each episode it is possible to be inspired by the creations of the competing artists and to broaden our knowledge about an ever-changing world, that of fashion, 

Shopping Night

Last but not least is an all-Italian program. Hosted by the most famous fashion partners in Italy, Enzo Miccio and Carla Gozzi, Shopping Night gives life to the dream of any fashion addicted: a completely deserted and totally available designer clothes shop, an unlimited budget and 3 outfits to compose.

In each episode, 3 competitors challenge with each other by means of outfits to achieve victory. And among an Armani coat, a Chanel bag and shiny Jimmy Choo, the competitor who create the best most suitable outfits for the occasions proposed by the presenters, has the opportunity to take home all the outfits created.
Who would be able to resist to such evening?

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