Alexander mcQueen Shoes

From Christian Dior to Alexander McQueen: most iconic shoes in world

Everyone knows that shoes are source of beauty, femininity and bearing. Some of these, however, stood out from the others, on the catwalk, on social networks and in real life. Some of these went on red carpets, made history and then they become collectibles. Some of these have just become the most iconic shoes in the world!

Slingback by Dior

If we think of the most famous shoes among the influencers, the Slingback by Dior immediately come to our mind. Having become famous on the catwalks of September 2016, these shoes have become real fashion icons, a must-have for all the best fashion stars and influencers. Among the famous names who own at least a pair of these shoes there are: Chiara Ferragni, Linda Toll, Helena Bordon and Karlie Kloss.

Why is it so beloved? Probably because, even if it is a high-fashion shoe, it fits perfectly to every need: different materials, different heights and different colors.

Rockstuds by Valentino

Rockstuds by Valentino are quite young, in fact, in 2020 they have celebrated their ten years of life. Despite this, however, they have immediately entered the heart of many fashion stars. They exist in many different colors and different types of materials, they are unique and unmistakable thanks to their several micro studs that give the décolleté shoe a gritty and refined look at the same time.

Pigalle by Christian Louboutin

If you love shoes, then you sure know the Pigalle by Christian Louboutin: the iconic shoes with a perfect line, made famous by the wonderful and unique red sole.

Loved by everyone for the sensations of femininity and sensuality that they manage to give to the wearer, these shoes take their name from the Parisian neighborhood which is most appreciated by the designer.

They are a must-have in the collection of those who love heels!

Armadillo Shoes by Alexander Mc-queen

Finally, turning to a type of shoe definitely not for everyday but absolutely iconic and to one of the most famous shoes in history, there are the Armadillo Shoes. Becoming famous with the runway of the spring-summer collection 2010, the Armadillo Shoes accompanied the models in a surreal fashion show, bordering on the imagination. Many of the models, shortly before the show, decided to withdraw from work once they discovered the height of the heel of these shoes they should have worn: 30 cm!

Inspired by the concept of protheses, this shoe is a natural extension of the ankle and has also come to the fore through the music and fashion icon Lady Gaga, who has also worn them in several Red Carpets and in the video of her song, Bad Romance.

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