Fast Fashion

Fast fashion: will covid lead to its decline?

We know that the pandemic has changed the life of each person worldwide in one way or another. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the consumption habits that have been most changed by far. In fact, during the pandemic, with the impossibility of leaving their homes, people had to give up purchases inside the shops often located in large shopping centers. However, the lack immediately made itself felt and people decided not to give it up, but rather to transform the purchase in the physical store, in the purchase on digital stores. This scenario begs the question: will covid lead to the fast fashion decline?

Online purchases

The McKinsey company has conducted a survey involving 2,000 samples in Great Britain and Germany. This research highlighted a significant increase in online sales in 2020. The propensity to buy clothing online has in fact reached a rate of 43% for the first time.

Italy has also increased considerably its online purchases: according to Eurispes research, the online purchase of clothing affected 66.3% of consumers.

In particular, it would seem that young people are the ones most likely to spend a little more to have a higher quality item of clothing. In fact, according to the research, the so-called “millennial” and the young people of the “z generation”, contrary to all the logic imposed by fast fashion, would seem much more inclined to second-hand garments.

Environmental and social responsibility

The survey conducted by McKinsey has highlighted another important element, a symptom of a probable change in habits in future generations. In fact, the research showed a greater sensitivity towards an informed purchase:

  • Two-third of the sample highlighted the importance and urgency for fashion to limit its environmental impact
  • 88% of the sample believes that fashion should do more to reduce environmental pollution
  • In general, there is a request towards brands to commit themselves to respecting the rights of workers, thus also calling them to social responsibility.

What was found in these surveys reveals small but very important signs of change in attitude and behavior towards the purchases. The consumer is more aware and begins to ask fashion to fulfill its duties of social and environmental responsibility.

This may be one of the few positive factors that Covid has introduced into our society.