Atelier Vania: when fashion meets inclusivity

The gender transition path is already impervious and complicated under many points of view. Starting from the psychological one, passing through the physical one, up to the social one.

Often, then, to an already complex potpourri of emotions, you can add the difficulty of renewing your own wardrobe. Shopping, an experience that should be relaxing, exciting and satisfying, therefore turns into a nightmare of frustration and disappointment.
Finding outfits that suit your tastes and highlight your shapes could be more complicated than it should be.

In a transition “M to F”, for example, one of the most insidious problems often consists in looking for elegant, sexy and feminine heels that fit comfortably on your foot that will most likely be larger than the shoe sizes usually available on the market.

This situation, which apparently might seems insignificant, for those who personally live the desire to finally be recognized for what they feel they are, is just another obstacle on the path that leads to their goal.

The importance of inclusivity in fashion

Clothing is a fundamental mode of expression through which people, both cisgender and transgender, communicate their gender, their authentic self to others. Clothing is able to suggest how people feel, what their interests are.

Therefore, not having the complete and total possibility of expressing yourself through the way of dressing, using the words of Elliot Ayres, a transgender man coordinator at The Association of LGBTQ Journalists, “it’s like you can see a home but there’s a fence around it. And you know that as close as you can get, you can never reach it or you can never get inside.”

Atelier Vanìa: inclusivity, emotion and comfort

In order to create a more inclusive environment, some brands have decided to realize targeted collections to satisfy needs that usually cannot be satisfied.

The Atelier Vanìa brand, for example, is one of these.

Atelier Vanìa is a luxury brand which was born with the desire to realize the dream of all those people who love female shoes but who do not find a satisfactory answer on the current market.
With particular attention to the inclusivity and uniqueness of its products, it has created a collection of high fashion shoes dedicated to all those who, despite having a larger foot size than the average, from 6 to 11, want to wear feminine, elegant, comfortable and impactful heels.

Because everyone has the right to choose how to express themselves, always.

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