Valentino haute Couture

Valentino Haute Couture 2020/21

The new Valentino Haute Couture collection was presented in a Cinecittà studio in Rome,  by fashion designer Pierpaolo Piccioli. The collection is composed of 15 dresses of magnified proportion and tells the bond between reality and dream.

«A Couture creation comes alive only through movement, light, colors and music, but above all through the human being who is in it, enveloped, welcomed by the fabric. Who dances and dreams. The Couture is alive, as so is the dream», this the Piccioli’s comment on the day of the launch of the teaser.

Valentino haute Couture

Valentino Haute Couture: the performance

In the Cinecittà studios, on the notes of FKA Twings, between feathers and ruffles, the models, including Mariacarla and Adut Akech, pose on high pedestals to look like statues and angels at the same time.

On the dresses, all presented in white, moving images of blooming flowers were projected, creating the illusion of being in a dream and questioning the reality.

Pierpaolo Piccioli, in “welcome to Rome” message writes: “I hope that this experience will fill your hearth of magic, as it did with mine”. Therefore, according to the designer, “magic” is the ingredient able to bond together dream and reality. 

Due to the ongoing health emergency and the lockdown, the collection was presented digitally. A haute couture collection, therefore, born in a difficult situation and with important limitations. This situation did not, however, discourage Piccioli who instead stated: “Overcoming the sense of the limit was an enhancement of the human”

The dresses are made in magnificent proportion, very long, monumental, while anchored to the female body.  An example of a dress is the one shown below, covered with 400 meters of ruffles.

Valentino haute Couture

The thanks of the creative director

Fashion designer Piccioli thanks on Instagram everyone who participated in the works and committed themselves to make all this possible:

‘We are tired of becoming serious young people,
or happy out of obligation, or criminals, or neurotics:
we want to laugh, be innocent, wait
something from life, ask, ignore.
We don’t want to be so confident right away.
We don’t want to be so dreamless right away.’

Pier Paolo Pasolini. “Lutheran Letters”