Vera Wang: the stylist of eccentric brides

Vera Wang, now a famous stylist of the stars, was born in New York to Chinese parents, entrepreneurs who emigrated to the United States. She has never attended fashion schools or institutes, she has cultivated her passion alone, after graduating in art.

Vera Wang: her history

Vera Wang began her career in the fashion world working as a fashion editor for Vogue.

In 1989 she had to marry her fiancé Arthur Becker, but it was on the occasion of the search for her wedding dress that she discovered how limited the choice of wedding dresses was. Starting from this awareness, she decided to design her dress, commissioning a tailor for a model costing 10 thousand dollars.

After this debut, with her family economic support, the stylist decides to invest in this passion and she opens her first bridal boutique.

Today, the bridal line and evening dresses are sold in around 60 luxury retailers.

The stylist of the stars

In 1994 Vera left her signature in the world of sport, in particular on the uniform of the figure skater Nancy Kerriang, on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

She immediately became famous among the Hollywood stars, boasting famous loyal customers such as Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Goldie Hawn.

Among the other, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey have entrusted her with the creation of their own wedding dress.

The stylist’s worldwide fame led her, in 2015, to the first lady of those years: Michelle Obama. Infact, the latter commissioned Vera Wang to create a dress for the State Dinner at the White House, on the occasion of the visit of Chinese President Xi Jingping.

The style of her dresses

Famous all over the world for their eccentricity mixed with elegance, Vera Wang dresses give the bride style and personality.

Vera Wang manages to make her wedding dresses precious and unique, using Victorian-style details and French laces with fitted bodices. The attractive transparencies contrast with the applications of colored flowers.

Lightweight and precious fabrics make the dresses special and eccentric. Among the colors that characterize her dresses, we find, in addition to the classic white, also pastel shades that make the bride’s style extremely romantic.

Typical features of Vera Wang’s dresses are the deep neckline and the V-shaped cut. There are frequent references to Coco Chanel, the Parisian style and everyday life in general.

Certainly it wasn’t the lockdown that stopped the art and inspiration of the stylist who, at home, created spectacular styles and bridal dresses, as well as mini home outfits that she personally wore and showed on social media.

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