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Gucci, Prada and others: the world’s biggest luxury brands switch their industrial production

The health emergency is affecting everyone worldwide and has affected, first of all, hospitals. Masks in particular have been, and still are, an indispensable tool to counter the spread of Coronavirus. Major luxury brands wanted to make their own contribution the fight the spread of Covid-19, are stepping in to help providing personal protective clothing for healthcare workers which are appearing in hospitals. Items such as face masks and hospital gowns manufactured by huge fashion giants.


Armani has extended a hand to the health workers engaged in the front line against the health emergency, manufacturing single use medical overalls.
The help brought forward by Armani in this emergency has also been of economic nature, the fashion house has in fact donated huge contributions to Italian hospitals – the Luigi Sacco, San Raffaele, Istituto dei Tumori hospitals in Milan and Istituto Spallanzani in Rome, later also contributed to hospitals in Bergamo, Piacenza and Versilia in the Tuscany region, for a total donation of 2 million euros.


The Zegna Group is another example of luxury brands that, just like Armani, has started the production of overalls protective equipment for healthcare workers. In particular, these are 280,000 protective hospital suits characterized by a non-woven fabric for medical and hospital staff of the Piedmont Region. Another 30,000 overalls have been then destined for the Canton of Ticino.


Prada provides support to the health emergency producing 80,000 medical overalls and 110,000 face masks for Italian medical personnel, following a request from the Tuscany Region. These items allowed health workers to work safely, assisting all hospitalized patients.


This Bolognese luxury brand has decided to use its own systems resources for the production of filter masks. Until today, they have produced 1200 masks, with the aim of producing more and more. Other companies operating in the region of Emilia will use these masks, they will allow the people who use them to protect themselves from liquids and any particles that they carry involuntarily to the mouth and nose through our hands.


It is a leading brand in the leather-manufacturing sector. This brand has decided to convert part of its production for creation of protective masks, providing in this way helps the fight against Covid.


The colossal Fashion House is one of the major luxury brands that did not give up on helping and supporting this global emergency producing 1 million and 100 thousand surgical masks, and in addition another 55 thousand overalls.


This company, leader in the shirt sector, has decided to start a very large production of materials necessary to counter the emergency health: masks, gowns, headwear and overshoes. The starting point is undoubtedly represented by the production of masks. Those already made are washable and reusable. In addition, a water-repellent, washable and interchangeable filter is inserted in an internal pocket.

The first 40000 masks were intended for pharmacies.


This luxury brand, manufacturer of trench coats in Castleford, has created and supplied 100,000 surgical masks to medical staff and doctors of UK National Health Service. Burberry supports fight against COVID-19 not only by producing non-surgical gowns and masks for patients, but also funding research into a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford.


Mango decided to transform its usual process of creating garment collections to a large-scale system to manufacture gowns and masks. To do this, a special team of more than 30 Mango employees have been working on this project, to manufacture and donate two million face masks. Mango has also distributed more than 13,000 pieces for healthcare teams, distributing them among hospitals, care homes and centers for the disabled, giving precedence to those centers that presented a particularly critical situation.

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