The mask becomes fashion

Among the various changes that 2020 has brought with it, one of those that has most affected our everyday life is definitely the mask.

The most famous luxury brands have therefore taken the opportunity to integrate it as part of their collections, thus transforming it from a purely functional object to a real fashion accessory.

Let’s see how it was interpreted by the different fashion companies:


The Gucci brand was one of the most important pioneers in the fashion use of the mask.
In still non suspected times, in fact, during the Grammys of last January, the singer Billie Ellish showed off a remarkable total look, signed by Gucci.
To complete an oversized masculine-cut dress with dazzling contrasts, a mask with a Gucci monogram in crystals and black tulle stands out.

And so that’s how a designer accessory, which would have been considered extravagant and not very useful until a few months ago, has now become a must for many.


Also Fendi decides to use its own monogram to make a collection of fashion masks.
Together with a highly branded visual impact, the fabric, composed of 100% pure silk, contributes to raise the value of the product, sold at € 190.
These designer masks, despite the high price, drove everyone crazy: fashion addicts and influencers competed for them, so as to complete their outfit with a high fashion accessory in all respects.


Burberry has started selling luxury masks with the typical tartan print. 
The brand, however, in addition to the simple sale of the new fashion accessory, has decided to tackle the problem of using the mask, addressing it at the root. 20% of the proceeds deriving from the marketing of the masks, is in fact destined for research against Coronavirus.
For this reason, in order to collect and manage funds, the Burberry Foundation’s COVID-19 Community Fund was also established.

Galvan Spose

May 2020 was supposed to be the month of weddings (see also Vera Wang: the stylist of eccentric brides). For this reason, various brands have thought to create collections specifically designed for brides and grooms. 
The Galvan Spose fashion brand, for example, has created a collection of brides masks, transforming them into very chic and elegant accessories.

We remind you, however, that although fashion accessories can be beautiful to wear, it should be recalled their main function: protection. It is therefore necessary that they always have the certification of the National Institute of Health.